International Academic Committee

Wang Weiguang

  • President, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
  • Honorary President, China-CEE Institute

Professor Wang Weiguang, President of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), and President of the Presidium of CASS Academic Divisions. Doctor of Philosophy, professor and Ph. D supervisor, and Academy Member of CASS. Honorary President of the China-CEE Institute. Prior to CASS, he was Vice-President of the Party School of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC).  He is member of the 18th Central Committee of the CPC, President of the Chinese Association of Dialectical Materialism. He was awarded by the State Council the honor of “Chinese Doctorate Earner with Outstanding Contribution”. He has been long engaged in research on key theoretical and strategic issues concerning the development of China and global trends.

Huang Ping

  • General Director, Institute of European Studies, CASS
  • President, China-CEE Institute

Professor Huang Ping, Ph.D. in Sociology (LSE, London, 1991), is a Senior Research Fellow (1997-), and the Director General, Institute of European Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences,Secretary General, China-CEEC Think Tank Network, President, China-CEE Institute, the President of the Chinese Association of American Studies, Vice President, Chinese Association of European Studies, and Co-Chair, International Institut Transcultura.  Huang was the Director General, Institute of American Studies, CASS (2006-2014), once elected as Vice President, International Social Science Council (ISSC, 2005-2008), twice Vice President, International Institute of Sociology (IIS,2003-2013), once elected as Vice President, Inter-Governmental Council, Management of Social Transformation, UNESCO, twice elected as a Board Member, UNRISD.  Huang has published books and papers in social development, labor migration, modernity, and globalization. He has co-chaired China-EU High-Level Cultural Forum since 2012.  He was a visiting professor at the Duke University, the Johns Hopkins University, Oxford University, and the International House of Japan.

Chen Xin

  • Director of the Economic Division at the Institute of European Studies, CASS
  • Executive Vice President and General Manager, China-CEE Institute

Professor Dr. CHEN Xin,director of the Economic Division at the Institute of European Studies, CASS. He has been appointed as the Executive Vice President and Managing Director of the China-CEE Institute, a new think tank registered at Budapest in April 2017.From October 2008, he was elected to the Secretary General position by the Board of the Chinese Association of European Studies (CAES). He is also an Executive member of Chinese Association on International Economic Relations. His main research interests are EU-China Trade and Economic Relations, European Economy, and Central East European Studies. Some of his latest publications are including: Policy Evolution on EU-China Trade and Economic Relations (2009), Invest in Hungary (2009), Invest in Finland (2010), Invest in Portugal (2011), Greek Debt Crisis and it Origins (2010), European Sovereign Debt Crisis and Economic Governance (2011), Chinese Perception on Reforming the International Monetary System(2011), Euro Debt Crisis: Dilemma of Governance and Solutions (2012), New Tendencies in European Economic Relations toward China (2013), China-EU Economic and Trade relations in the first 10 years of the China-EU Strategic Partnership(2013), An Brief Analysis on the China-EU and EU-US trade relations (2013), China-EU Solar Panel Trade Disputes (2014), European Integration and Ukraine’s Choice (2014), An Analysis on the progress of the Structural Reform in the heavy-debt countries in the Eurozone (2015). EU 2015 Trade Policy and its implications for China (2016). Report on China-CEEC Economic and Trade Cooperation (2016). What Hungary Perceives the Belt and Road Initiative and China-CEEC Cooperation (2017).

Kong Tianping

Institute of European Studies, CASS

Professor Kong Tianping, Senior Research Fellow in the Institute of European Studies, which affiliates to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Shandong University in 1986. After he finished program of Master Degree in the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in 1989, he started to work for the Institute of Soviet and Eastern European Studies. He received Ph. D. for laws in the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in 1996. He was a visiting scholar in the East Central European Center in Columbia University in 1998. From October 2001 to August 2002, he did research in Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) as a visiting scholar. He used to serve as director for Division of East European Studies in Institute of Russian, Central Asian and East European Studies and director for the Division of Central and Eastern European Studies in the Institute of European Studies. His research fields cover transformation and Europeanization in CEE,transition economies, comparative economic system, international politics, China-CEE relations. He is executive council member of Chinese Association of East European, Russian and Central Asian Studies, executive council member of Chinese Society of World Economics, council member of Chinese Association for European Studies, Vice president of Chinese Association of Central and Eastern European Studies.

Bogdan Góralczyk

Director of the Centre for Europe at the University of Warsaw

Professor Bogdan Góralczyk, Centre for Europe, University of Warsaw, since September 2016 also a director of the Center. Former Ambassador of Poland to Thailand, the Philippines and Republic of the Union of Myanmar (Burma; 2003-2008). He was also Chief of the Cabinet of Polish Foreign Minister (2001-2003) and long-term diplomat in Hungary (1991-1998); prolific writer, author of many books and articles in Polish, English and Hungarian. He has recently published (in Polish): A biography (first one in Polish) of dr Sun Yat-sen, Warsaw 2013; “Przebudzenie smoka. Powrót Chin na scenę globalną” (Revival of the Dragon. Return of China to the Global Scene), Warsaw 2012. He also edited a volume „Polska-Chiny. Wczoraj, dziś, jutro”, also published in English as “Poland – China: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Toruń 2014; “Unia Europejska jako aktor na scenie globalnej: Razem czy osobno?” (European Union as a Global Actor: United or Fragmented?”, Warsaw 2014) and “European Union on Global Scene: United or Irrelevant?”, Warsaw 2015. His recent major studies in English: papers in “Yearbook of Polish European Studies” (2009/2010/2011/2013/2014). “Polish Sinology: Reflections on Individualized Trajectories” has been published in a volume by Chih-yu Shih (Ed.), “Sinology in Post-Communist States” at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and in 2017 another article within that project was published: “Hungarian and Polish Sinology: Parallel Lives”, in: (Chih-yu Shih, Peizhong He, Lei Tang eds.), “From Sinology to Post-Chineseness: Intellectual Histories of China, Chinese People, and Chinese Civilization”, Beijing 2017. Prof. B. Góralczyk was visiting scholar in many Universities in US, Thailand, China and India, etc.

Metka Tekacčič

Dean, Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana

Professor METKA TEKAVČIČ, Dean of the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana (FELU) in 2013. From 2001 to 2007 professor Tekavčič was Vice-Dean at the FELU. From 1999 to 2001 she was also the Head of the Academic Unit of Management and Organization. Her research interest lies in the fields of cost and performance management, as well as non- profit and especially education management. Prof. Tekavčič has attended many international conferences, where she has presented papers from her research areas. She has published several research articles in Slovene, other European, and US peer-reviewed journals. She is a member of editorial boards in several prominent journals from her research field. Prof. Tekavčič is president of the FELU’s Senate and the Head of the Institute for Management and Organization. In 2014 she was awarded the Artemida award for Women’s Excellence in Management. From 1992 till 2013 she was a member of the City Council of Ljubljana, Slovenia. She has long been and remains a member of the supervisory boards of many important Slovenian companies and other institutions. In 2016, the Dean Tekavčič was appointed as a member of the EQUIS Accreditation Board, run by European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), the leading international network for management development. Since 2017, prof. Tekavčič has also served as a member of the AACSB International – The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) Initial Accreditation Committee and a member the and European Advisory Council (EAC). In addition to her work, she is a vice-dean of Challenge:Future, a global youth a global think- DO-tank.

Gheorghe Zaman

Correspondent member of Romanian Academy

Professor Gheorghe Zaman, Ph.D., Corresponding member of Romanian Academy, Vice President of the Economic, Law, and Sociological Sciences Section of the Romanian Academy, President of the General Association of Economists from Romania (AGER), President of the Scientific Council of Romanian Scientific Management Society (SSMAR), and Chairman of the Group of Experts of the Romanian Distribution Committee (as proof of special merit receiving an excellence award: „RESPAD Trophy”). His Honors: Doctor Honoris Causa, Universitatea „1 Decembrie 1918” din Alba Iulia (2013); Doctor Honoris Causa, Universitatea „Ovidius” din Constanţa (2013); Member of Interinstitutional Committee for the Partnership (2012), etc. His awards: Diploma de merit pentru contribuția deosebită la dezvoltarea învățământului superior economic la Universitatea din Oradea, 24.05.2016, Oradea, etc. He is also member of many editorial board or scientific committee, i.e. Director of Editorial Board of Romanian Journal of Economics. His scientific research field focuses on micro and macroeconomics; international economics; strategies of sustainable development, globalization crises and business cycle; FDI; input-output models for foreign trade and labour; theory of transition to market economy; R&D, labour economics. His publications: number of volumes (author/coauthor): more than 30 volumes, of which 8 published abroad (Germany, Russian, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy); number of paper in periodicals: more than 350 studies and articles.

András Inotai

Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Professor András INOTAI, Senior Research fellow, Institute of World Economics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Visiting professor at the College of Europe (Bruges and Warsaw), Center for European Integration (University of Bonn, Germany), European Online Academy (Berlin and Nice). Member of various international scientific/advisory boards (Progressive Economic Initiative and TEPSA in Brussels, College of Europe, Bertelsmann Foundation) and member of the editorial board of more than a dozen international professional journals. His main research areas major economic challenges in the era of globalisation (growth and job-creation, demography, migration, supply security); the shifting balance of global economic power, with special reference to China; global financial, economic and social crisis and its medium-term consequences; the post-crisis European integration: deepening, enlarging and global role; economic transformation in Central and Eastern Europe: retrospection after twenty years in regional comparison.

Časlav Ocić

Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts

Professor Časlav Ocić, was born on May 5, 1945 in Dalj, an economist by profession. He has been a correspondent member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts since 2003. He is the Chairman of the Committee on Economic Sciences of the SANU; Chairman of the SANU Population Study Committee; Editor in charge of the economy of the Serbian Encyclopedia; Editor-in-Chief of the Collective Matica Srpska for Social Sciences, since 2005; Deputy editor-in-chief of the Ekslibris Chronicles magazine since 1995; EU expert for evaluation of the project in the field of social sciences, since 2005. He has been Member, founder and President of the Scientific Society “Kosta Cukić” since 1999; Member of the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies since 2000; Regular member (he is in the Presidency) of the Scientific Society of Economists; Regular member of the Academy of Economic Sciences; One of the founders of the Society for Economic History; Member of the European Academy of Economic Sciences; Member of the International Association for the Science of Regional Development (IRSA); Member of WEA (World Economics Association); Founder and President of the Exsibree Society of Belgrade; Member of FISAE (International Association of Exclusive Companies) since 1994; Honorary member of the “Serbian Krivak” Association since 2012.

Hrubec Marek

Czech Academy of Sciences

Professor Hrubec Marek, Coordinator of the strategic Research Program “Global Conflicts and Local Contexts”, in 6 institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences; Director and Senior Research Fellow, Centre of Global Studies, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague; Head, Department of Moral and Political Philosophy, Institute of Philosophy, Czech Academy of Science, Prague. His reserch area fouces on Global studies, China studies, China-CEE relations, academic diplomacy, social and political theory. In 2015, the European Parliament awarded him by the European Citizen’s Prize. Since December 2016, he is a Member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts. Grant Agency of the Czech Republic. The head of the research group on the theme „Conceptions of Desert and Recognition“. Selected publications: Marek Hrubec, Johann P. Arnason (eds.). 2016. Social Transformations and Revolutions. Reflections and Analyses. Edinburgh: Edinburg University Press. Hrubec, Marek (guest editor): Symposium: Contemporary Social Criticism. In: International Critical Thought Vol. 2, Issue 4, 2012 (Routledge). Hrubec, Marek: An Articulation of Extra-Territorial Recognition. In: Burns, Tony (ed.): Global Justice and the Politics of Recognition. Palgrave 2013, p. 271 – 295; Hrubec, Marek, The Struggle for Social Justice. On the Boundary between Nation- States and Supranational Arrangement. Anachronia, No. 13, February 2015, Hamburg, pp. 86 – 109.